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m-mama Achieves National Scale-Up in Tanzania

Oct, 2023

Just over a year ago, Touch set its sights on bringing m-mama to the whole of Tanzania by 2024, initiating an ambitious 15-month national roll-out. Today, we are thrilled and humbled to announce that m-mama has officially achieved national scale in Tanzania and is available to the entire population of over 63 million people. With its launch in Dar es Salaam this September, the long journey to bring this life-saving system to all families in Tanzania has been achieved. Touch congratulates the Government of Tanzania for their visionary leadership and commitment to innovation which have brought m-mama to life.


First launched in the Shinyanga region of Tanzania in 2013, this program made an immediate impact for rural Tanzanians and had the potential to solve a persistent barrier in maternal and newborn health. The Vodafone Foundation envisioned m-mama as a continent-wide solution and have been champions and leaders from the program’s inception.  As the official maternal emergency transportation system of Tanzania, m-mama will transport 50,000 women and newborns annually.