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m-mama Reaches Major Milestone: 20,000+ Emergencies Transported

Apr, 2023

In March, Touch reached a major milestone: m-mama has provided more than 20,000 emergency transports for pregnant women across Tanzania and Lesotho! We are proud and humbled to share this achievement with our core partners: the Governments of Tanzania and Lesotho and the Vodafone Foundation. Together, we are bringing this ground-breaking solution to rural communities where women and newborns are most at risk and disconnection from the health system can be life-threatening. m-mama has proven to reduce maternal mortality by 27%.


Watch this video to learn about the impact of m-mama for pregnant women in Tanzania.


This achievement could not come at a more important time: in 2023, we are already hard at work to expand m-mama to every community in Tanzania. We thank and celebrate our implementing partners and we also extend our gratitude to the community drivers and local hospitals and clinics who are dedicated to ensuring safe labor and delivery for women and newborns.