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Impact to Date

Since 2004, Touch’s work in Tanzania has improved the health and wellbeing of the Tanzanian people. We have invested over $60 million in strengthening Tanzania’s health system, mitigating its healthcare worker crisis and improving the lives of 17 million Tanzanians, nearly one-third of the country’s population. Together with our partners, our achievements include:

Improving the quantity and quality of healthcare workers

96% Graduate Retention

of Bugando students within Tanzania’s health system

17% of Tanzania’s Doctors

trained through Touch support

Housing over 900 students

in new and refurbished dormitories

Increasing MD student enrollment

From 10 students in 2004 to 900 students today at our flagship partner institution, the Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences, now the 3rd largest medical school in Tanzania

Training over 3,000 healthcare workers

in the past decade, including doctors, nurses and pharmacists

Enhancing healthcare delivery

30% increase in operations

at Bugando and the number of surgical areas have grown from 7 to 13

Reaching 1/3 of the Population

of Tanzania (~17 million people) through our programs in the Lake Zone that are addressing gaps in the health system

Installing essential infrastructure

such as electricity generators, water pumps, high-speed fiber-optic internet, waste incinerators, and laundry equipment

Providing 620,000 patients

with better quality care at Treat & Train Network health facilities

Serving 65,000 pregnant women

with a mobile-based maternal health referral and transportation system across two districts

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