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As Touch implements our programs in Tanzania, we magnify our global reach by documenting results and sharing our knowledge with local and international partners. In addition to publishing reports, our team presents our work at international conferences.

A selection of Touch Foundation reports:

Rheumatic Heart Disease Final Report

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In 2016, WHO reported that an estimated 33% of all deaths in Tanzania resulted from Noncommunicable Diseases, with 17% being from cardiovascular diseases including Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD). Over a period of 5 years, we designed a blueprint for an RHD identification and referral program that empowers and supports people and communities affected by RHD. This reports explains and offers reflections on this 5-year program.

Treat & Train Executive Report

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This external evaluation analyzes the outcomes and social and economic value of our Treat & Train clinical education program implemented in the Lake Zone of Tanzania. It finds that the program improved the quality of healthcare services, increased the willingness of students to work in rural underserved areas after graduation, and reduced the financial burden on patients.

Treat & Train Full Report

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The full version of the external evaluation provides the in-depth analysis of the outcomes and social and economic value of our Treat & Train clinical education program implemented in the Lake Zone of Tanzania.

M-Mama Impact Report (2017)

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This report analyzes the impact of M-Mama’s emergency transportation system (EmTS) on the health outcomes of mothers and newborns in rural Tanzania. It finds that the EmTS solution significantly reduces the maternal mortality ratio and is highly cost-effective.

M-Mama infographic (2017)

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This infographic summarizes the M-Mama program design and impact to date. Notably, the EmTS has decreased maternal mortality by 27% in two rural districts of Tanzania.

Achievements, Approach and Path Forward (2013)

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This report reviews the successes and positive impact the organization has had to date on health system strengthening in Tanzania. The report also discusses the programmatic priorities for Touch going forward.

Touch Foundation Impact Report (2012)

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This report provides a deep-dive analysis of the achievements made from 2004-2012.

Catalyzing Change: Molecular Strengthening of the Health System in the Tanzanian Lake Zone (2009)

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This report demonstrates the necessity of complementing investments in healthcare worker training with initiatives to solve the problems of the larger health system itself, including factors such as recruitment, deployment, in-service support and development opportunities. This formed the basis of our Treat & Train Network of healthcare and educational institutions in the Lake Zone.

Action now on the Tanzanian Health Workforce Crisis: Expanding Healthcare Worker Training – The Twiga Initiative (2009)

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The Tanzanian Minister for Health and Social Welfare asked us to assist his Ministry in scaling up healthcare worker training capacity at the national level. With the help of McKinsey & Company, we identified a baseline for current national training capacity and developed and prioritized initiatives intended to help the government achieve healthcare worker training goals.

Investing in Tanzanian Human Resources for Health (2006)

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This report, based on field research conducted by a joint Touch and McKinsey team, builds on the findings from McKinsey’s initial 2004 field visit to Tanzania. It focuses on training highly-skilled human resources for health as the primary lever for addressing the global healthcare crisis and provides a strategy for Touch Foundation to pursue.

Acting Now to Overcome Tanzania’s Greatest Health Challenge: Addressing the Gap in Human Resources for Health (2004)

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This report summarizes the findings from a 2004 field visit by a McKinsey team to Tanzania. The report introduces a three-pronged approach for addressing the country’s severe healthcare crisis.

Community-based Transport System in Shinyanga Report (2023)

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This report examines the cost-effectiveness of the community-based transportation system that is at the core of our m-mama program. It finds that the introduction of the m-mama emergency transportation system is more cost effective compared to standard ambulance system alone in the Shinyanga region of Tanzania and projects that lessons learned in scaling up the intervention will only improve its cost-effectivenss and outcomes.

Lessons from the m-mama innovative pilot program in Shinyanga, Tanzania (2023)

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This report documents the lessons learnt and best practices toward sustainability of the m-mama program for reducing maternal and newborn mortality in Tanzania.