Our Work

Health Systems Approach

We take a comprehensive approach to improving the Tanzanian health system. Three key elements guide our work:

1We take a holistic health systems outlook

We view a health system as an interconnected web of elements. We recognize that each of these elements must be functional to enable effective delivery of care. In alignment with the World Health Organization’s Health System Framework, we address the key elements of the health system to deliver integrated solutions and improve the entire system.

2We design locally-informed, high-impact programs within resource limited settings

Our work is based on robust data analyses and informed by years of on-the-ground experience. We align with the Tanzanian government’s strategies and our local partners’ priorities. Our programs are implemented after coordinating with technical experts and securing private and public sector funding.

3We are committed to long-term sustainability

We believe that international development should not foster dependency, but rather empower local communities to create sustainable change. As such, we work with Tanzania’s existing institutions, making substantial investments in building their capacity to train more healthcare workers and provide a higher quality of care. Once our programs are in place, we reduce and ultimately phase out our support, transitioning programs to local management and guaranteeing their long-term sustainability under Tanzanian ownership.

Develop projects informed by local stakeholders
Co-implement projects with partners & build local capacity
Transition projects to local ownership