Our Work

Implementing Partners

We ensure the longevity of our impact by partnering closely with institutions that have a vested long-term interest in the country, including domestic and international governments, local healthcare institutions (public, private, and faith-based), international non-profit organizations, U.S.-based hospitals and private companies conducting business in Tanzania.

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The Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences

The Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences (CUHAS) is in Mwanza, Tanzania, and is one of Tanzania’s seven medical schools country-wide.  CUHAS educates ~2,400 healthcare students from the certificate level to post-graduate degree level. CUHAS has worked in partnership with Touch since 2004, when Touch helped support CUHAS’ inaugural class of 10 medical students. CUHAS is a flagship institution of Touch’s Treat & Train Network.  On this site, we refer to CUHAS and BMC collectively as “Bugando”.

Bugando Medical Centre

Bugando Medical Centre (BMC) is a 900-bed referral and teaching hospital in Mwanza, Tanzania.  As one of Tanzania’s four largest hospitals, it serves 17 million people throughout the Lake Zone. Touch and BMC have worked in partnership since our inception in 2004 and it is a flagship institution of our Treat & Train Network. In addition to providing patient care, BMC provides nursing and Assistant Medical Officer training for ~300 students.

D-tree International

D-tree has been working even since pre-Smartphone times to exploit the potential of mobile software to plug knowledge gaps existing in many parts of the world. D-tree has been working with Touch in implementing our Mobilizing Maternal Health and built the decision-making software to support dispatchers in managing incoming emergency requests.

Sengerema Council Designated Hospital

Sengerema Council Designated Hospital (SCDH), formerly known as Sengerema Designated District Hospital, is a 300-bed Catholic hospital that offers public services to over 700,000 people in the Sengerema district. SCDH joined our Treat & Train Network in 2013 and was the first hospital to host our external clinical rotations for healthcare students. SCDH attends over 10,000 births per year and, in 2014, was the first hospital to pilot and implement our Mobilizing Maternal Health program.

Shinyanga Regional Hospital

Shinyanga Regional Hospital is a government owned 300-bed hospital serving a catchment area of over 1.5 million people. Shinyanga has been a part of Touch’s Treat & Train Network since 2014 and is now hosting external clinical rotations for Bugando students as well as implementing our Mobilizing Maternal Health program for the Shinyanga region.

Pathfinder International

Pathfinder is a global non-profit working to improve the sexual and reproductive health of women, men, and young people in developing countries.  Pathfinder has been working with Touch in implementing our Mobilizing Maternal Health program, training community healthcare workers for village outreach, and integrating the referral and transportation system across the selected districts.

SEED Global Health

SEED strengthens health education and delivery in places facing a dire shortage of health professionals by working with partner countries to meet their long-term healthcare human resource needs. Through the Global Health Service Partnership, a public-private collaboration between SEED, the Peace Corps, and the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), health professionals from the United States work alongside local medical and nursing faculty counterparts to meet the teaching needs identified at each partner institution, which include those within our Treat & Train Network.

Houston Methodist Hospital

Houston Methodist Hospital is a leading academic medical center consisting of an academic hospital in the Texas Medical Center and six community hospitals serving the Greater Houston metropolitan area. Houston Methodist Hospital partners with Touch to provide specialized cardiovascular training courses for nursing students and to provide technical assistance as we plan, design, and manage the Comprehensive and Basic Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care training centers at Sengerema Designated District Hospital and Shinyanga Regional Hospital.

Private Nurses and Midwives Association of Tanzania (PRINMAT)

PRINMAT is a non-governmental non-profit umbrella organization that supports midwife-owned and managed maternity homes. Read more about PRINMAT here.