Our Work

Strategy Overview

Touch Foundation strengthens local health systems in sub-Saharan Africa. We apply a three-phase strategy for scaling solutions to the most pressing global health challenges.

Much of our work to date has focused on designing and implementing programs in the Lake Zone of Tanzania and demonstrating impact.  Successful solutions are then scaled up to a regional/national level​. Ultimately, we aim for our solutions to be adapted and replicated in other countries facing similar challenges to achieve broad, transformative impact.

Strategic Priorities

  • Train new skilled healthcare workers
  • Enhance skills of existing healthcare workers
  • Inform national health policies for placement of scarce supply of healthcare workers in the Tanzanian health system
  • Adapt our data-driven decision-making tool to assign healthcare workers in health systems across sub-Saharan Africa more effectively
  • Partner with national and international stakeholders to achieve global development goals related to health and well-being
  • Optimize scarce resources by connecting health facilities within our network of partner hospitals and educational institutions:
    • Improve capacity and management of healthcare and educational facilities
    • Develop process and systems that better connect facilities within the network

Health Priorities


  • While designing and implementing solutions on the ground, we monitor and evaluate our results, sharing acquired knowledge with the public health community